The Enormous Crocodile Soft Toy and Book by Roald Dahl

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The enormous crocodile is a very ferocious Crocodile. He has a bright green velour body, big wide eyes and a large mouth with lots of teeth. At 50cm in length he really is an enormous crocodile. Soft and cuddly he is a great companion to bring to life the story of The Enormous Crocodile Suitable Age - From Birth Size (cm) - 47.5l x 11.5w x 7.5h Weight Incl Packaging (Kg) - 0.092 The Enormous Crocodile is planning what to have for his lunch. This foul fiend - the greediest croc in the whole river - wants to eat something juicy and delicious. His teeth sparkle like knives in the sun and he's getting hungrier and hungrier. But what can the greedy grumptious brute guzzle up? Beware - he's looking for someone . . . someone who looks a lot like YOU! Size (cm) - 12.9l x 19.8w x 0.4h Weight Incl Packaging (Kg) - 0.110