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About Us

As parents, aunties and uncles we spent hours searching for that unique present for Christmas and Birthdays that would make a child's eyes light up. We love that feeling when you see the delighted faces as children open there gift and find a world of wonder and joy.

We have spent considerable time scouring the world to find a our selection of unique, fun and educational toys for children .  We test every toy before it goes on our website - we build the robot kits, paint the fairies, doodle with the pens, play the games and yes, we even wear the t-shirt.

All of our toys consistently demonstrate high standards. We have chosen toys from leading manufacturers that are thoughtfully designed and well made, using environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. Our toys are robust and hard wearing and will withstand the rough and tumble of life with little angels!


But we know that having the perfect gift is not enough if you can't get it when you need it. Over the years we have worked hard to make sure we have the systems in place to get your item to you quickly. We offer free delivery across the world with free shipping on most orders. Spend £20 in the UK and £25 in the EU